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"We’re very happy…our lighting package adds value and security to our home."
- Michael, Fort Myers

"We enjoy our outdoor lighting and are proud of the outside appearance of our home. Outdoor Illuminations did a fine job and were courteous, prompt and efficient."
- Judy, Fort Myers
Design Consultation
Your outdoor lighting proposal includes an over-ground demonstration upon request, so you can see what your lighting design will look like. Our initial meeting should last 1-2 hours. We’ll take the time to answer all of your questions and to help you make the best lighting decisions. We will identify the proper components, placement and electrical configurations for your lighting design. Schedule a Free Design Consultation today.

Creative Lighting Design and Professional Installation
A well-planned design blends aesthetics and illumination needs. Your lighting portrait will accentuate the unique architectural features and landscape elements of your home, clubhouse or subdivision entrance.

Owner Scott Hoptry is on site at every job to ensure quality design and installation and worry-free service. Professional installation includes:
  • Professional grade Stainless steel multi tap low voltage transformers
  • Direct burial UL® rated low voltage cable
  • Automatic timer controls with photo cell/relay systems
  • Waterproof wire connections
  • Lamps (light bulbs)
  • Light fixtures built from premium non rusting materials—brass, copper and bronze
  • Lifetime Warranty with maintenance agreement with most systems
  • Optional Remote controlled digital timer/relay system
Troubleshooting/Repair Service
We provide repair and troubleshooting service for existing systems. Our services include addressing voltage issues, bulb replacement, repairing wire faults, transformer failure, maintenance, fixture replacement or relocation, and timer/photocell/relay control adjustment.

Maintenance Packages
Our team of lighting experts will replace bulbs throughout the year as necessary and conduct a quarterly, semiannual or annual check-up on system components. We’ll also clean lens covers and trim away shrubbery that may have grown over your light fixtures.

Specialty Event Lighting
Outdoor Illuminations will design and install a temporary system for your special occasion. Open houses with flair. Home tours with panache. Weddings and family parties with elegance and charm. Whatever the occasion, we’ll help you illuminate in style.

System maintenance as required (recommended in 3 to 6 month intervals)
  • Periodically prune foliage around light fixtures
  • Replace bulbs as they burn out or about every two years
  • Clean glass lenses
  • Reprogram time clock
  • Analysis of landscape maturity and the needs of relocation of fixtures
The cost of Outdoor Illuminations lighting installation varies considerably depending on several factors:
  • Ease of access to the installation location
  • Size of Project
  • Soil conditions
  • Location of power sources
  • Degree of difficulty of installation
  • Quantity and type of hardware required
How Much Does Outdoor Lighting Cost?
Small Projects
Typical investment: $1,000-$4,500
Requires 1-2 days to complete
Approximately 4-20 fixtures and1 or 2 transformers

Medium Projects
Typical investment: $4,500-$12,500
Requires 3-5 days to complete
Approximately 20-60 fixtures and 2-4 transformers

Large projects
Typical investment: $12,500-$32,500
Requires 5-15 days to complete
Approximately 60-150 fixtures and multiple transformers

Jumbo projects
Typical investment: $32,500+
Requires 15+ days to complete
Approximately 150+ fixtures and multiple transformers

*These pricing averages and component quantities are for general information purposes only and are not to be consider a quote. All projects are priced on an individual basis.